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Describe the companys work in the information system (including the main function and role)

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Describe the companys work in the information system (including the main function and role)

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Describe the work of the Company in the information system (including the main functions and functions):


With the operation and management of major industry enterprises increasingly convergence, standardization, competition between enterprises gradually from the external products, technology, market competition gradually turned to internal logistics, management of the dispute; the same time, compared with the international logistics counterparts , China's logistics industry accounts for the country's GDP share of about 30%, while the United States is only about 10% of the domestic logistics supply chain system in urgent need to reduce the logistics costs through effective ways, logistics industry information become a top priority. So the company currently uses advanced ERP management system and GPS vehicle query system.


ERP software is a big system, it contains a lot of things, as long as the internal management of the relevant parts, are considered, in general, contains the following subsystems: financial accounting, financial management, supply chain management, human management, Manufacturing management, business performance, customer relationship management, collaborative platform. ERP is the integration of all the resources of the enterprise integrated management, simply that the three major business flow: logistics, capital flow, information flow to conduct a comprehensive management of integrated management information system. Enterprise, clear financial management is extremely important, so in the ERP program is an integral part of it, and we are using this module. ERP in the financial module is different from the general financial software, as part of the ERP system, it and other modules of the system have the appropriate interface, to integrate with each other, for example: it can be produced by the activities of the procurement activities of information automatically included The financial module generates the general ledger, the accounting report, and eliminates the cumbersome process of entering the voucher, almost completely replacing the traditional manual operation. The financial part of the general ERP software is divided into two blocks of accounting and financial management. Accounting is mainly to record, accounting, reflect and analyze the changes in funds in the economic activities of enterprises in the process and its results. It consists of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash, fixed assets, multi-currency and other components. The function of financial management is mainly based on the accounting data, and then analyzed, so as to carry out the corresponding forecasting, management and control activities. It focuses on financial planning, control, analysis and forecasting. The human resources of this module is also very important, human resources management, as an independent module, was added to the ERP system, and ERP in the financial, production system formed an efficient, highly integrated enterprise Resource system.

GPS vehicle query system's main functions are:

● Vehicle positioning function

After selecting the vehicle that the enterprise needs to view, the system automatically maximizes the location of the vehicle on the map. The vehicle icon flashes quickly to indicate that the vehicle is running and the vehicle icon is slow to indicate that the vehicle is stopped.

And through the form of statements listed in the vehicle license plate, driver name, mobile phone, speed, direction, engine status, and receiving time and other information to facilitate business users to understand the current details of all vehicles

When the enterprise needs to track a vehicle in real time, the system automatically maximizes the current location of the vehicle, and the first two minutes of the driving trajectory, the map automatically to the blue line to describe the need to monitor the operation of the vehicle route. And through the way to describe the vehicle's current location, receiving time, speed, engine status and whether the alarm and so on. In addition, the system automatically refreshes the latest position of the vehicle for 30 seconds.

Satellite map function

When the enterprise users want to query the surrounding buildings of the vehicle situation, can be a satellite map. On the map, companies can clearly know the surroundings of the vehicle. And the same location description, speed and other text description

Historical track query function

As the enterprise itself can not really achieve 7 * 24 hours of monitoring form, the system provides historical trajectory query function. The enterprise can know the vehicle traveling route of the vehicle at any time. The blue lines in the figure indicate the route and describe the running status of the vehicle in detail in the form of a report. Such as: engine status, latitude and longitude, whether the alarm, etc., and in the remarks column in red font description of the vehicle parking; purple font description of the vehicle at the location of the parking time; blue font description at the moment the vehicle began to drive; The vehicle is running normally.

● Track playback function

When the enterprise would like to know more about the vehicle within a certain period of time driving conditions, you can click on the traffic dynamic like a button, set the track spacing, playback speed and other information can be true after the return line before the situation, when the business would like to see the vehicle In a point, you can pause the button, pause playback or let the vehicle broadcast. At the same time, the vehicle next to the text will indicate the vehicle in the running of different states, after the customer name, receiving time, engine status and other information. The blue flag in the map is marked on the map of the customer, gas stations, business subordinate outlets and other points of interest

● Scheduling navigation function

The system describes how to travel in a textual form in the "Driving Directions" and indicates the mileage for each journey. The map shows the driving line with a red line to simulate the vehicle's exercise. So that the dispatcher can give the driver the correct guidance to solve the enterprise received a new task or the team to replace the new driver, the driver is not familiar with the distance, and the dispatcher is not clear the specific location of the driver and the site can not give the driver the correct guidelines, Causing the driver to take the wrong way to happen.

● Vehicle alarm function

Powerful anti-theft, anti-robbery, help function to prevent outsiders or drivers to steal vehicles, to avoid the car with the goods with the loss. When the destruction of any part of the car GPS system (connecting wires, power supply, receiver), the system to the enterprise and the monitoring center alarm; not according to the company to enter the time to enter or leave the scheduled area are automatically to the control center alarm. When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed of the vehicle to limit the speed of the vehicle, send the speed report and install the buzzer in the car at the same time.

Traffic analysis

Select the required time to view the vehicle at any time, the vehicle can be different vehicle state when the four types of analysis: ① by vehicle parking location, time analysis, ② vehicle traffic analysis, ③ vehicle parking is not stall analysis, ④ traffic jam location, time Analysis and so on.

For example, when an enterprise chooses a vehicle parking location analysis, we can see the mileage and fuel consumption of the selected vehicle during that time period. And detailed follow the vehicle's stop, driving the situation to analyze, know when the vehicle, where to stop the car and stopped for how long. System and automatically analyze the parking point whether the enterprise customers or business subordinate outlets.

● Location function

Can be marked on the map of their own outlets, and delivery to reach the destination, toll stations, gas stations and other marked points, easy to operate. The marked points will be displayed in "Vehicle Tracking" and "Drive Track Playback". With more outlets, you can determine the most efficient transport path and clearly know whether the vehicle is running as specified.

● Image monitoring function

This function requires the installation of the camera, the camera to obtain the moving target scene of the video image information, can be a normal camera and continuous camera can be easily seen directly on-site traffic conditions or vehicle containers, vehicle cab situation, to ensure the safety of goods and drivers The

● cargo owner check function

The enterprise may authorize the owner to use the mobile phone or the computer to inquire the position of the delivery vehicle at any time, and can understand the running information of the goods and the whole process of the goods arriving at the destination, and enhance the mutual trust between the logistics enterprise and the owner.

● Report export function

According to the vehicle's four different operating conditions and query time automatically generate reports, such as: vehicle parking location analysis reports, vehicle parking is not flameout statements, the daily operation of the vehicle statements, vehicle daily traffic process reports, the company's all vehicles Driving mileage, daily oil, daily working hours and other vehicles to run the data statistics, and data can be exported Excel format to facilitate statistical management. Kunshan freight company


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