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How to enhance safety management and achieve results

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How to enhance safety management and achieve results

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How to enhance safety management and achieve the results:

Since the beginning of this year, the company in Fan Wei, general manager of the leadership and the joint efforts of all staff, and always implement the "safety first, prevention first" safe working principle, pay close attention to safety management, the company set up nearly a year, The overall situation of safe production to achieve a smooth and orderly, the main work done as follows:

1. Ahead of planning, pay close attention to implement, strengthen the daily safety education and so on;

Vehicle transport units, safe work everywhere, everywhere, the daily transport of vehicles is a process to eliminate all aspects of the accident from the safety of the work process, therefore, the daily safety management is the most basic requirements for safe work. In the transport link in the formation of programmatic management, according to the different nature of the transport tasks, arrangements for different personnel and vehicles to perform their corresponding transport tasks. At the same time focus on the implementation of long-distance task vehicles, strict implementation of long-distance procedures, each trip long-distance tasks must be carefully implemented by the motor inspection, security department, the company in charge of safety leadership audit recognition and education system. This year, in the safety education, we seize the workforce in the "safe work resigned, safe work not talk about" the wrong understanding, combined with "Ankang Cup" activities carried out a number of large safety knowledge contest, Activities, through specific cases of the accident, the person in charge of violation of the law and other moral education and other forms, increase publicity and create a safe atmosphere. At the same time the company also carried out at different times, different ideas, different levels of proposition of the big discussion, as we put forward "grasp the safety work in the end for whom?", "Security and post", "security and efficiency" and other aspects of the discussion , So that the safety concept of employees from the security I want to be safe, and further greatly improve the safety awareness of workers, to stimulate the safety of human subjective initiative.

2. According to the characteristics of the season and the actual work, the organization of transport arrangements for safe work.

This year we through the past experience and access to relevant information, with scientific theory to carefully analyze the season to give people the psychological and physiological, working environment to bring the insecurity, we timely issued seasonal safety driving matters. According to the company's recent transport characteristics, the company issued the "recent security management special measures."

3. According to the actual situation of transport, develop countermeasures to maintain a safe transport situation.

Security strategy is my company's primary strategy, but also the basis of my company's development, it is the work of the difficulties, so we learn and explore advanced security management approach, combined with the actual safety of transport to strengthen and innovation, our security work as a whole On the smooth, safe transport of the overall trend is good.

① adhere to the effective safety management system to maintain a good situation in safe production; reasonable arrangements for the work of the driver; adhere to the safety inspection work, check correct mistakes; adhere to the regular meeting on Monday and the safety of the morning speech, ; Adhere to the ideological education of workers, to maintain a good working attitude, give full play to the subjective initiative, and further to win the market safety concept, to win the market.

② strengthen the safety management, increase the punishment, played a safe operation of the deterrent effect, to a greater extent reduce the unsafe behavior. Our guiding ideology is: with the iron system, steel wrist, six relatives do not recognize the management to ensure traffic safety. Through this year's management practice proved that the company's determination is right, to deal with individual, a large education, resulting in radiation and deterrent effect for the company's overall security work has played a positive role.

③ to explore the safety management of the new approach to adapt to the new era of security work; this year the company held once every month by the team members, all the workers to participate in the Security Assembly, the collective security class, increase the effectiveness of safe speech, quarterly by the executive leader To convene an security committee to discuss the next step of the security work, the development of security measures. These methods on the one hand to solve the difficulties of safe work, on the one hand played a role in strengthening the safety awareness of workers. On the recruitment of personnel, the company explicitly asked to one person does not leak to develop help measures to help improve their technical quality and driving skills to prevent these personnel accidents. We have strengthened the management of safety procedures, adhere to the first assessment, the principle of post-induction, to avoid a number of poor technical staff posts. The implementation of these new approaches laid the foundation for a good environment for my company to establish safe production.

4. To supervise the main body for the safety management, to ensure the effective implementation of the system

Safety supervision is mainly based on dynamic inspection, while the static security education and rules and regulations for effective verification, so that the conventional security management model from the passive after the upgrade to active proactive prevention. Good start is half the success, how to start a good start, a good step, the company leaders agreed that the ideological line of defense should be a breakthrough, from the long-term development of bad habits to start.

While doing a good job of safe transportation, we also organize the management of OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health management system and ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system certification standard, and strive for certification in 2010. Over the past year, we seize the opportunity, dare to dare, hard work, advancing with the times, bold courage, through the start of social resources, and unreasonable promotion of talent, successfully out of a unique development path. container shipping

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