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Nine aspects of Chinas logistics and transport industry to see the development trend

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Nine aspects of Chinas logistics and transport industry to see the development trend

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  At present, China's road freight market by the national economic adjustment and the overall logistics market, showing some new trends.

Look, look at the scale of the freight

From the scale of freight, the overall trend of slowing down the trend. In the first half of 2015, the national road traffic volume of 16.29 billion tons, an increase of 6.2%, the growth rate down 3 percentage points over the same period last year; completed cargo turnover of 29531 billion tons km, an increase of 6.4% over the same period last year fell 3.5 percentage point. Road freight and turnover have been declining for five consecutive years. By the impact of declining freight demand, road freight prices have long been in the doldrums. China's road freight price index for August was 102.8 points, down 0.9% from the previous month, down 2% from the beginning of the year.

New period, road freight will continue to slow down the trend of growth. Due to the optimization of economic structure and the adjustment of industrial structure, the long-distance commodity and high-volume commodity traffic will decline. The demand for production freight will gradually slow down, which will directly affect the increase of the scale of road freight. At the same time, Lightweight, high-efficiency freight demand will continue to increase, especially in e-commerce as the representative of the demand for consumer goods will continue to grow steadily, huge market opportunities.

Second look, from the market segment to see

From the market segment, the market structure to speed up the adjustment. At present, the road freight market (trunk) in accordance with the basic services, mainly express delivery (30 kg), LTL transport (30 kg -3 ton), vehicle transport (3 tons or more), which LTL transport is divided into small (30 kg -3 ton) and big ticket Lingdan (3 tons or more). Preliminary estimates, express delivery, LTL transport, vehicle transportation business accounted for 5% of market capacity, 40% and 55%.

Express road transport is still the main transport mode of express delivery. Shun Feng, Shen Tong, Yuantong, Jingdong and other courier and electric business enterprises have and integrated vehicles are more than 10,000, the establishment of its own trunk transport backbone network. In recent years, the courier market continues to maintain a high growth rate of about 50%, is expected in the future for a long period of time, express road transport will continue to maintain rapid growth.

LTL transportation mainly serves small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises and individual consumers. Among them, Lingdan Express business as the freight market, the most economic characteristics of the subdivision areas, the rapid development momentum. Debon logistics, good Ji logistics, heaven and earth Arima, Sheng Hui logistics and a number of large Lingdan Express enterprises in recent years to maintain a rapid growth rate. In 2014, Debon Logistics continued to lead the annual sales of $ 12 billion. In recent years, the franchise system Lingdeng Express business meteoric rise, to achieve a rapid catch up. Green transport as the main way of LTL transport, the market gradually divided. Some green companies dig deep into the market, and actively extend the service, try Baotuan heating, and achieved good development. There are some business volume continued to decline, the market risk increased, forced to withdraw from the market.

The main vehicle transportation services in large industrial and mining enterprises and contract logistics enterprises. Due to the sharp decline in demand for bulk commodity shipments, large quantities, small batches of low-efficiency industrial products are affected by changes in demand and channels, and gradually to small batch, multi-batch, high efficiency changes, vehicle transport growth was declining trend The This year, China's road freight vehicle index fell more obvious, August index of 93.7, down 1.1% over the previous month, down 7.1% over the beginning.

In addition, urban distribution as the trunk transport "last mile" to achieve rapid development. In recent years, with the consumer market started, more and more attention to the delivery efficiency of delivery, co-distribution policy support. Especially with the rapid development of e-commerce, express delivery with an average annual rate of more than 50% speed development. Large express delivery enterprises, electricity business enterprises, landing with the enterprise is the main distribution of express mail. In 2014, the city express business grew 59.8%, higher than other express business growth, the city has great potential for distribution.

The following are the same as the "

The new era, courier, express, distribution and other market segments will continue to maintain rapid growth rate, the new positioning more accurate market segments will continue to appear, the market leader in the market will get a better growth rate and profitability The

Three look, from the product service to see

From the product service, high-end service areas become the focus of competition. A number of leading highway express enterprises to accelerate the standardization of products, service brand, management modernization. Debon logistics "precision card", Jiaji Express "Red Express", heaven and earth Arima's "date of" and other products, are punctual, efficient, fast as the basic characteristics, the formation of a standardized product system and service model , To enhance the customer's service experience, won a higher level of profit. At the same time, with high professional requirements of the contract logistics is also a high-end service extension direction, cold chain logistics, hazardous chemicals logistics, IT logistics, clothing logistics, FMCG logistics and other consumer market and industrial manufacturing driven, still has a large Expansion capacity. In addition, financial innovation has become an important representative of high-end services, from the traditional oil card payment, collection of money to the factoring insurance, financial leasing, a new profit growth point.

New era, standardization, customization will become the road freight products and services development direction, enhance customer service level and their own profitability. Financial services will become an important means of winning the enterprise, the potential is huge.

Four look, from the mode of transport to see

From the mode of transport, efficient transport to achieve positive results. Efficient transport will be the traditional pursuit of cost of transport into the pursuit of efficient transport, so as to meet the higher customer service requirements, enhance corporate profitability. At present, such as dumping transport and other efficient means of transport to obtain government support and active promotion. The Ministry of Transport to promote the three batches of 148 road dumping pilot project, as of the end of June, the pilot project opened a total of 750 linked to the transport line, throwing more than 22,000 vehicles sold, the annual completion of rejection of 550 million tons of traffic, Driven by the average unit of the whole transport costs and energy consumption decreased by 10% -20%. At the same time, rejection tank transport, belt transport, hump transport and other efficient means of transport to be actively explored. In addition, a number of advanced hardware and equipment in the road freight industry applications, effectively promote the energy saving, intelligent management, security, and effectively protect the efficient transport carried out.

In the new period, efficient transportation will become the core competitiveness of highway freight enterprises and important sources of profit. All kinds of new technologies, new models and new methods will effectively promote the technological transformation and industrial upgrading of the industry.

Five look, from the organization to see

First, alliance cooperation is more common. In the past, the use of price advantage to obtain market competitiveness of SMEs has been unable to meet the demand, in competition with large enterprises living space is getting smaller and smaller, alliance cooperation has become an important direction for small and medium enterprises break through. In recent years, a number of small and medium-sized freight companies to speed up Baotuan warm, to explore the integration of resource-based alliance, such as Zhejiang's Lu Tong logistics, Jiangsu all UNITA logistics, Shanghai line alliance, through the concentration of decentralized capacity, adjust the organizational model, effectively enhance the Overall service level and bargaining power. Regional medium-sized freight companies to achieve cross-regional operations, and actively explore the network of integrated alliances, such as the Central Union, Central China Road Union, China-logistics alliance, to achieve cross-regional business collaboration, rapid construction of cross-regional logistics service network. As well as relying on the transport chain, multimodal transport and other business cooperation alliance, such as the Soviet Union logistics alliance, Jiangsu and Zhejiang container alliance, relying on the upstream and downstream industry chain docking Tianjin Peoples Group, through business docking, to promote the rejection of transport , Multimodal transport and other advanced organizations to promote the use of the way.

In the new period, various forms of alliance model are emerging, through the integration of resources, organizational integration, service integration, operational integration and other integrated ways to achieve benefit sharing, risk sharing, cooperation and win-win situation. The key to the success of the alliance is a good governance structure, including strategic positioning, organizational form, access mechanism, decision-making mechanism, settlement system, information means, risk prevention and cultural integration, which require alliance companies to explore in the long-term cooperation The

Second, the platform to join the rapid advance. Card line world "freight hub information platform" mode of operation, to create logistics network trading platform. As of August 2015, the card network covers the country's 24 provinces, more than 300 cities, radiation more than 20,000 towns, the country set up a total of 47 hub centers, 23 hubs. Security to logistics to "trunk line to join" mode of operation, to build Lingdan Express service platform. August 2015 network increased to more than 5000, more than 8,000 employees. In addition, there are friends Hui, Best World Express, business logistics and other franchise companies to achieve rapid growth.

New era, the platform to join as a light asset expansion will continue to maintain rapid growth, and began to enter the threshold; heavy assets of the enterprises will join the network as a perfect network, the channel sinks a useful supplement. Cooperation cooperation can quickly form economies of scale and network channels covering the whole country, but need to improve the joining agent mechanism, including network selection, joining rules, cooperation model, benefit distribution, training and education, supervision and management, risk control and so on, to maintain the brand Credibility.

Six look, from the transport structure to see

From the transport structure, multimodal transport opportunities gradually appear. At present, China's cargo transport structure is uneven, multimodal transport development overall lag. At present, China's multimodal transport ratio of about 2%, lower than the international level. Among them, an important reason is the lack of rail market level. In 2013, the railway freight reform was officially launched, put forward the "open acceptance, real cargo loading, a quote, door to door service", the railway freight market speed, and gradually to long-distance transport and LTL transport market penetration, and achieved positive results The The whole road organization to run more than 80 pairs of regional circulation, cross-regional direct freight express train, and vigorously develop the package and express business. January-July 2015, the road white cargo volume increased significantly, completed 98.12 million tons, an increase of 16.7%, of which 11.58 million tons of scattered goods sent, an increase of 115 times. 1 - 7 months, the whole road container daily loading 6632 vehicles, an increase of 13.7%.

In the new period, with the major changes in the structure and transportation demand of social supply, the railway freight reform has continued to deepen, and the competition and cooperation of roads and railways are closer, especially if there is a large cooperation space between the two ends of the railway. Of the transport structure to speed up the adjustment, a variety of modes of transport coordinated development pattern is expected to achieve.

Seven look, from the information technology to see

From the information technology, freight information platform hot surging. Beginning in the second half of 2014, with the popularity of mobile Internet technology, a number of new road freight information platform focused on the line, such as Luo logistics, transport full, truck to help, a lot of cars, No. 1 truck, Network and so on. In line with the national "Internet" boom, these new platforms rely on things, large data and cloud computing technology, trying to cross the traditional market transactions, transform the traditional mode of transport. The use of mobile terminals for cargo matching, integration and optimization of source sources, the practice of intelligent logistics model, access to the capital market sought after. From the market to enter the market type, there are: Internet companies, freight companies, third-party logistics enterprises, logistics parks and so on. At present, the field is still in the market rapid growth period, there is no obvious barriers to entry, with the Internet action, the market imagination is huge.

The new era, to match the characteristics of the cargo information platform will gradually move to the line, the traditional line of enterprises will also actively embrace the Internet. Freight market line line deepening integration, in order to give full play to their respective advantages, and further optimize the road freight organization, enhance customer service experience, effectively reduce logistics costs.

Eight look, from the human resources to see

From the human resources, labor costs continue to rise. In recent years, road freight costs continued to rise in 2014, labor costs rose about 15%. The main reason is that the freight driver is very scarce, on the one hand because our country as a whole to enter the labor force decline stage, on the other hand, B photos and above the driver's license to obtain a longer period of time, to get driving class A2 driver's license takes 8 years , And deduction of more than 12 points will be downgraded, resulting in the number of freight drivers difficult to meet market demand. It is understood that the current long-distance trunk freight drivers have more than 8 thousand dollars, some companies hire B2 driver's license instead of A2 driver's license driver, there is a large risk of violation.

The following are the same as the "

In the new period, China's demographic dividend will continue to decrease, and the gradual slowdown in labor force will further enlarge the freight market gap and raise the cost of freight drivers, which challenges the traditional dual driver model.

Nine look, from the environmental trends to see

From the environmental trends, environmental protection costs gradually appear. The original implementation of the national standard in 2011 to postpone the implementation of the January 1, 2015, the country three standard diesel vehicles will not be sold. With the national four emission standards, most of the vehicles will use SCR technology, the need to use urea, urea per kilogram increase the cost of about 0.08-0.1 yuan, will offset the decline in fuel consumption. At the same time, the state to increase the yellow standard car out of the intensity, to expand the scope of the line limit, many annual inspection and other restrictions, the early elimination of vehicles to give a certain financial subsidies to encourage the yellow mark ahead of schedule.

The new period, with the implementation of the four national standards, vehicle renewal pressure to increase, make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Overall, with the decline in transport demand and supply structure adjustment, forcing the road freight market transformation and upgrading. Based on the market main "more, small, scattered" industry reality, road freight companies will rely on modern technology and information technology means to speed up efficient transport, product innovation, organization, brand service, network improvement, personnel training and environmental protection, Of the scale, intensive, the level of information, to adapt to the new era of industrial restructuring and consumption upgrades on the new requirements of road freight, speed up the industry to improve quality and efficiency. National logistics and transport


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