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The Effect of Logistics Processing on Enterprises

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The Effect of Logistics Processing on Enterprises

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1. It can improve the utilization of raw materials. Usually, you can use the logistics processing links for collective, that is, the factory shipped to the simple specifications of the product, according to the requirements of the use of units to cut. Such as the steel plate cutting, cutting; wood processing into a variety of length and size of the wood, wood and so on. Concentrated cutting can be excellent selection, reasonable sets of cutting, a very good technical and economic results. For example, Beijing and other cities on the plate glass for physical processing (centralized tailoring, open film supply), can make the utilization of glass from 60% to 85% -95%. Kunshan logistics company

2. Through the primary processing, can be convenient for customers. Usually the use of small or temporary use of the lack of units for the need for high-efficiency primary processing capacity, then, after the logistics unit can be used to save the primary processing of investment, equipment and manpower, thus invigorate the supply, user.

3. Logistics processing can provide work efficiency and equipment utilization. Logistics companies due to the construction of the centralized processing of items, so it can use high efficiency, advanced technology, processing a large number of specialized machines and equipment. The benefits of doing so are: (1) to improve the quality of processing; (2) to improve equipment utilization; (3) to provide processing efficiency. The end result is reduced processing costs and raw material costs.

4. It sees the highest efficiency of the various means of delivery. Often, the logistics process links physical circulation into two phases. The first stage is the production plant to the logistics company's processing point, the second stage is from the logistics processing point to the consumption chain. The first stage of the general transmission distance, can be used ships, trains, car lights a large number of means of transport; the second stage of the general distance is short, so the use of cars and small vehicles to transport after processing specifications, small quantities, multi-user products. So that you can give full play to the highest efficiency of various means of transport, speed up the transport speed, saving transport freight.

5. It can improve the revenue by changing the function. In the logistics processing can change some of the functions of a simple product processing, its purpose is to improve the economic benefits of the product. For example, many of the world's finished products (such as toys, fashion, etc.) in Shenzhen for simple packaging processing, change the product appearance function, only one can make the product price increase of 20% or more.

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