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The Countermeasure of Revitalizing China s Logistics Industry

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The Countermeasure of Revitalizing China s Logistics Industry

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The revitalization of China's logistics industry countermeasures are as follows:

2.1 establish a scientific concept of logistics industry

In theory, logistics "flow" and information flow, capital flow "flow", should be the operation of each link of the mutual delivery of the "seamless link", regardless of transport, warehousing, distribution, procurement and sales, Belong to the various aspects of logistics and content, lack of any one of these links are not complete. In other words, the complete logistics entity should be a "third party" or "the fourth party (with the logistics intermediary nature)" independent of the business enterprise; its service activities should include the procurement, storage, maintenance, production supply of goods and goods , Sales, cargo distribution, transportation and so on. Based on this understanding and understanding, we believe that logistics is set up or undertaken by social units, integrated goods procurement, storage, maintenance, supply, sale, transportation is one of the integrated multi-industry economic services activities. It is an important part of the socio-economic service system. Large enterprises can invest in the establishment of their own special logistics, mainly for reducing costs, improve operational efficiency and quantity and quality of goods and other aspects of security considerations, which is actually a new term of old practice. Of course, does not require investment in the logistics industry must be "large and complete." Enterprises can also start from one or several links, if there are enough free housing and large enough open space, but also a certain self-owned motor vehicles (machines, boats), you can choose to invest in goods storage, Transport services, to earn is the storage and transportation costs and transportation costs. When the conditions gradually mature, and then gradually expand the scale of service operations, increase for the company to purchase and sell goods and goods, and continue to be responsible for the intermediate links of storage and transportation. So that in order to eventually develop into a comprehensive and complete service functions of the logistics business.

2.2 the use of state-owned capital advantage of the logistics resources for "regional integration", the implementation of industry guidance and support policies

The state should take full advantage of the strength of state-owned enterprises' assets and capital from the perspective of supporting and assisting the development of new industries in logistics. Through the reorganization of state-owned assets, the state-owned assets, especially some state-owned fixed assets in idle or semi-idle state Form, the state-owned assets into the logistics industry, the formation of part of the state-owned large and medium-sized functions of sound logistics enterprises at the same time, you can also for the comprehensive service function of logistics enterprises, but also in accordance with the "first income" economic restructuring principle, Preferential policies to attract domestic non-state economic components and foreign investment, to promote the existing decentralized individual service logistics enterprises consciously effective resource integration, focus on assets to engage in "strong service." National Development and Reform Commission should be as soon as possible for the logistics industry positioning, so that the tax authorities in the tax system reform will be included in the specialized industries, a clear logistics industry tax direction and location. It is proposed to set up an independent "logistics industry" tax item in the logistics or as a sub-tax item of the service industry or to set a business tax at a low tax rate of 3%. At the same time, unified and clear industrial and business scope, all at the same time operating two or more business such as transportation, storage or transportation, procurement and other enterprises, can be identified as logistics enterprises; only engaged in a single project business, such as transport business, (Business tax), unified collection (storage, transportation, distribution, sales, etc.), unified tax rate (3%). In this way, the local tax collection agencies have the objective basis for collection and management, to avoid misjudgment.

2.3 to strengthen the industry self-discipline, abide by the service mission

Logistics is an important component of the social service system. Therefore, we should strengthen the industry self-discipline, from the market development, possession, maintenance and the establishment of alliances, etc., should establish a modern marketing concept. In the internal operation of the hardware and software environment such as vehicle equipment, warehouse installation, line maintenance, business reputation, service commitment and cash, personnel training, on-site processing capacity and other aspects of construction, to give people peace of mind, peace of mind and comfortable service Feel the efforts to abolish the management of redundancy, shorten the logistics turnover time, improve the quality of service, especially for transport and storage of early warning, prevention and control and other treatment, to abide by the contract offer, and strive to meet the "seven appropriate" service standards. At the same time, to have a strong procurement funds, advanced transport handling tools, superior storage space and other hardware, and has a wide range of fixed customer relationships, well-known market goodwill, to ensure efficient logistics and efficient operation of technology, in line with commercial insurance standards Property insurance measures, and a high degree of enthusiasm for the service attitude, strict management and control means and systems. Only in this way can we win the trust, broaden the field of logistics services and regional, take the initiative to control and occupy the market. National logistics and transport

2.4 with information and other modern means of armed logistics industry

Modern information technology for modern enterprise management and operation provides an important support, especially for the logistics industry such information processing time requirements of the enterprise is even more so. However, due to many logistics enterprises or because of the ideological construction of ideological backwardness of the subjective reasons, or due to investment capacity, technical strength and other objective conditions, so far remains indifferent to information, only a small number of large-scale logistics enterprises to achieve a sub- The vast majority of logistics enterprises still remain in the manual operation and management stage, not only inefficient, poor results, the market reaction is slow, and high operating costs, loss of waste, low efficiency of asset use. In particular, the return of the remote transport of goods from different places, in the domestic logistics enterprises generally prominent, as the constraints of enterprises for "third-party profit source" dominant "bottleneck" elements. In Heilongjiang, to achieve through the satellite navigation system for long-distance transport vehicle tracking and positioning and monitoring the entire command, the transport vehicle in any area of the domestic berth, driving speed, driver fatigue, the temperature of the refrigerator, the trunk line, return route, the boss In the office will be able to fully know and release instructions at any time. Through the implementation of information technology, the company and the community's logistics resources integrated into the logistics network platform, unified management and scheduling; the company and the community's logistics business integration to the platform, it provides large-scale and intensive logistics services, To maximize the utilization of logistics resources, reduce logistics costs.

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