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Logistics development should also do not pollute the environment

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Logistics development should also do not pollute the environment

Release date:2017-01-18 14:13 Source: Click:

According to Xinhua News, a recent logistics company in Shanghai due to illegal dumping of oily waste, resulting in Jinshan Songjiang water pollution, the relevant departments have the responsibility of the enterprise, the perpetrators of the control. Logistics companies in the transport or operation process, will often encounter this may cause environmental pollution, Kunshan logistics company that should not only their own interests, regardless of environmental problems. The logistics company to do so, their own is easy, but this result is the area near the serious pollution of water, the residents of the drinking water, fish and other organisms within the water will also be a devastating blow.

With the development of society, this environmental problem has been ignored by people, many enterprises in their own development process, ignoring their own behavior will cause pollution to the environment, only their own convenience and interests, without considering the consequences, This is now the social environment in the more serious causes of environmental pollution. Many of these companies earn this "black heart money", but the state of environmental pollution issues attached to this issue will be slowly put an end to, but ultimately the fundamental or rely on their own do not pollute, rather than feel Was punished, only to stop the pollution of the environment, if not reported by the residents, then the problem is finally difficult to be resolved.

Environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent, and now many domestic cities have been in the world-class polluted cities "among the best." Which Baidu suggested: air quality and people's health are closely related. When the air pollution is serious, the public should minimize the outdoor activities, take appropriate measures to avoid pollution hazards, pay attention to travel safety. Of course, the current environmental pollution is not only air pollution, including the logistics company of this water pollution, etc., have been on people's lives, work lights have a serious impact. Kunshan logistics company

This problem of environmental pollution from their own departure, can not rely on this reduction travel can be resolved, the state introduced the relevant policies can only prevent, the real or from every person, every one may cause pollution to do business From. Do not pollute, as little as possible pollution, pollution to be resolved as soon as possible, society is everyone, I think, if the region's water quality has been destroyed, the logistics company itself will be affected, so even should not do so The

Logistics companies in today's supply chain has a pivotal position, logistics led to the development of many industries, basically no industry can leave the logistics and survival, since logistics is so important, then we should start from the logistics company to protect the environment , Must not make such a selfish thing.

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