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Frequently Asked Questions in Logistics Services

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Frequently Asked Questions in Logistics Services

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Frequently Asked Questions about Logistics Services:

(1) only the level of logistics services as a means of sales competition without making clear provisions. Wholesalers and retailers will be required to upgrade, so that companies can not cope. Now, wholesalers or retailers are struggling to reduce inventories due to instability in sales or where they are not stored, or to avoid outdated goods. If he is unrestrained to ask for multiple batches, small batch distribution, or multi-batch inventory supplement, the logistics workload will be greatly increased, the logistics costs will inevitably increase. To prevent this level of service upgrades, we must establish a new logistics services, mechanisms, logistics service decision-making.

(2) many companies are still using the same level of logistics services, treat different customers or different goods. Enterprises should regard the logistics service as a limited operating resources, in the decision to allocate, to investigate the needs of customers based on the size of the company's contribution to the sale (that is, the number of companies to buy the company) will be divided into different levels of customers, according to the customer's Different levels, determine the different services and different levels of service. Commodities also have high growth rate, market share and growth rate is low, the market share of small, according to the different circumstances of goods, from a strategic point of view to provide logistics services is also very important. As mentioned above, it is critical to consider the level of logistics service as part of a sales strategy.

(3) the logistics department should regularly assess the logistics services. Check the sales department or the customer has no claims, there is no language, late with, accident, damage and so on. Through the solicitation of customer opinions and other methods to understand whether the service level has reached the standard; the rationalization of the cost to what extent, whether there is a more reasonable approach and so on. Kunshan logistics company

(4) the level of logistics services based on market conditions, competitors, merchandise characteristics and season, etc. have changed at all times. The logistics department should have the information system to master this change. It is said that in the United States logistics services included in the service to customers, responsible for this work in the sector and the system is very complete, Japan now also has the conditions to establish the quality of logistics services to provide customers with satisfactory logistics services management and responsible system The

(5) Most of the sales department that in order to expand sales, should be unlimited to accept the customer for the logistics requirements. This is the logistics system can not afford, should form a from the perspective of profit and loss to consider whether the atmosphere.

(6) the level of logistics services is constantly changing. The author believes that as a logistics service, the future will provide new information services will become increasingly important. In the past, we mainly provide information such as delivery date, stock, re-purchase, arrival date, out-of-stock, etc., and in the future, to meet the needs of special shops and retail stores to simplify business procedures. It is more important to receive the total information service.

(7) the current logistics services to be placed on a wide range of social systems to deal with. Enterprises need to seriously consider environmental protection, energy saving, resource conservation and waste recycling and other issues. It is time for enterprises to take waste recycling services seriously, and can not be the old TV and used bottles and other waste as a general waste to the government to deal with the time. In order to reduce traffic congestion, road congestion and other traffic hazards, manufacturers break through the barriers of competition, to promote the common distribution of the day is coming.

(8) logistics services will be part of the social system of people to be judged by people. So, logistics services elements and levels should be how to determine it? Logistics services is an important factor in customer service, is one of the conditions for transactions with customers. How to determine the level of logistics services, sales strategy has important significance. Therefore, the level of logistics service should be determined to be an important decision of the enterprise.

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