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Transport logistics knowledge topics

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Transport logistics knowledge topics

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Suzhou transport companies on the transport logistics knowledge analysis:

Transport requirements can be achieved in three basic ways. First, the use of private fleet equipment; second, with the professional transport logistics company signed a transport logistics contract; third, an enterprise can provide a variety of shipping to the conditions of the transport carrier scheduled service. These three forms of transport are typical of the so-called private transport, contract transport and public transport. From the point of view of the transport logistics system, there are three factors that are important for transport demand, namely, transport costs, transport speed and transport consistency.

The cost of transport refers to the amount paid for transportation between the two geographical locations and the costs associated with the administration and maintenance of the stock in transit. The design of the logistics system should take advantage of the transport that minimizes the total cost of the system, which means that the lowest cost of transport does not always result in the lowest total transport costs.

The speed of transport is the time required to complete a particular shipment. The relationship between transport speed and transportation costs is mainly manifested in the following two aspects: first, the transporter who can provide more rapid service will actually charge higher freight; secondly, the faster the transport service, the less inventory in transit, The shorter the interval between transport. Therefore, the choice of the desired mode of transport, the crucial issue is how to balance the transport service transport costs and transportation costs.

The consistency of transport refers to the time required to perform a particular shipment in a number of shipments and the time required for the original time or before / It is a reflection of transport reliability. Over the years. Transportation managers have seen consistency as the most important feature of high quality transport. If a given transport service takes two days for the first time and the second time it takes six days, this unexpected change will have a serious problem of transport logistics. If there is a lack of consistency in transport, it is necessary to safely stock the stock in case of unexpected service failure. Transport consistency will affect the inventory obligations and related risks incurred by the buyer and seller. With the control and reporting of the status of the shipment of new technology applications, logistics managers can find both fast and consistent way to maintain consistency, and the combination of speed and consistency is necessary to create the quality of transport conditions. This is because the value of time is very important, and we will discuss it again and again. - In addition, it is also important to understand the extent to which the quality of transport fulfillment is of importance to those who are sensitive to time.

In the design of the logistics system, the balance between transportation costs and quality of service must be maintained precisely. In some cases, low cost and slow transport will be satisfactory, and in other cases, fast service may be the key to achieving the goal of the job. Exploring and managing the desired low-cost, high-quality transportation is one of the most basic duties of transport logistics.

For transport logistics knowledge related to the logistics network, managers should bear in mind the following three points: First, the choice of logistics facilities to establish the transport structure to create the network structure, but also limits the options available; The scope of the costs involved is broader than the consignment note; and thirdly, if the delivery service is occasionally inconsistent, it is possible to put all the efforts to integrate the transport capacity into the logistics system. National logistics and transport

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