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Rookie network in Dongguan to build "10 trillion in the amount of" logistics network

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Rookie network in Dongguan to build "10 trillion in the amount of" logistics network

Release date:2016-07-27 00:00 Source: Click:

As a world-renowned manufacturing base, Dongguan has a more complete R & D, production, logistics and marketing of the industrial chain, in the development of e-commerce has a unique advantage. Dongguan manufacturing industry involved more than 30 kinds of industries more than 60,000 kinds of products, 2013 to achieve e-commerce transactions 230 billion yuan. According to the authority of the giant agency statistics, the density of the country ranked third, foreign trade network business density ranks seventh in the country, Taobao goods nearly three percent from Dongguan manufacturing, network business development index, development scale, penetration, operating level and Growth trends are in the forefront of the country. According to the Guangdong Provincial Postal Administration data show that from January to September 2014, Dongguan Express business volume of 282.6 million, accounting for 13.3% of the province's total, only in the province after the Guangzhou-Shenzhen two cities. National warehousing distribution

For this phenomenon, Dongguan City, e-commerce Association, said Xiuyi Yi analysis, the Internet giants have no interest in Dongguan, Dongguan, Dongguan, the biggest charm is the production of Dongguan advantage and Dongguan perfect industrial chain and industrial support. Dongguan is located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen between the location advantage is also very important. At the same time, Dongguan, adequate land reserves, operating costs and human capital is lower than Shenzhen, Guangzhou.

Why do one Internet giants favor Dongguan, one after another choice in Dongguan layout key projects?

Why the Internet big brother favor Dongguan

Planning / co-ordination: South Xiao Wei wrote: Nanfang Daily reporter Huang Shaohong Lu Zhenwei

November 19, Ma Yong Town People's Government and the Jingdong Group signed a letter of intent to cooperate, will invest 2 billion yuan in the construction of modern service industrial park, the project put into operation in Dongguan after the annual turnover of up to 35 billion yuan, the annual tax 7 Billion yuan.

And Alibaba and Qihoo 360 plans to speed up cooperation in Dongguan, another electric business giant - Jingdong Mall as early as 2013 has been built in Dongguan Ma Yongzhen area of more than 100,000 square meters of logistics warehousing central,

December 17, 360 company public relations director Yang Guoqiang disclosed that 360 and cool cooperation in the joint venture to consider the Pearl River Delta. Because Cool is headquartered in Shenzhen, but the production base is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake, do not rule out the possibility of joint ventures in Dongguan.

On the 16th of this week, Qihoo 360 officially announced the establishment of a joint venture with Cool, 409 million US dollars investment accounted for 45%, Cool accounted for 55%, by the cool holding. The joint venture will focus on mobile smart devices, the market launch of the "big god" brand series of smart phones to the Internet as the main channel and based on the establishment of mobile ecosystem. After the cooperation, 360 for the cool smart phones, including mobile security and mobile search and other mobile services.

Internet giant frequently layout Dongguan

To the rookie network as the representative of the Department of Internet giants in Dongguan layout of Dongguan, is in the economic and social transformation of climbing climbing over the period of Dongguan, is undoubtedly a major positive. However, look at the recent two years, Dongguan, the progress of some major projects is not difficult to find, Dongguan, love the Internet giant not only to Alibaba, more and more Internet gangster has been in Dongguan layout. Observers believe that the Internet giant frequently married behind Dongguan, Dongguan is the release of transformation is precisely the transformation of the signal.

Depth in depth

Release manufacturing transformation sharp signal

Internet giants married in Dongguan

Yuan Baocheng wish, after signing the ceremony, the two sides can then close communication, strengthen cooperation, to promote the project as soon as possible landing construction.

The project plans to enter the business include: department stores, stores, supermarkets and brands, life service providers under the experience and trading center; department stores, stores, supermarkets and brands, life service providers online trading and distribution center; cloud computing e-commerce logistics Business district data processing center; regional e-commerce financial services center.

Yintai home will be based on Dongguan City and Wanjiang District industrial development goals and positioning, combined with the characteristics of land and location advantages, investment in the establishment of the South China Southern region O2O project experience shopping central project, focusing on the Pearl River Delta city belt, Promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry in Dongguan to the e-commerce industry.

Proposed South China first O2O project experience shopping center


According to the cooperation agreement signed by the two sides, the rookie network plans to invest in the construction of new logistics warehousing base with large data, network finance, information service and cloud computing as the technology platform in Qingxi Town and Shuangxian Economic Zone respectively, supporting e-commerce and creative design And related industrial cluster office measures and subsistence community.

The marriage of Dongguan, rookie network to bring China's intelligent backbone node project and the South China region O2O experience shopping central project.

Plans to establish a new logistics warehousing base

Cheonggyecheon, Water Village

The network to open and share the Internet data application platform for all logistics enterprises to provide services, and through social resources and efficient coordination mechanism to promote social logistics capacity to achieve in any region of China within 24 hours of delivery must reach.

According to the vision of the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of the enterprise, the rookie network will build a modern storage facility through five years to eight years through self-construction, co-construction and cooperation, to build a total of 10 trillion in online retail sales Open socialized intelligent logistics network (China Intelligent backbone network).

Rookie network led by the Alibaba Group, the joint Intime Group, Fosun Group, Fuchun Group, Express industry leading "three links one up" (that is, Shen Tong, Yuantong, Zhongtong, rhyme courier company), SF and many other enterprises and Industrial capital co-financing, established in mid-2013 technology companies, plans to invest 100 billion yuan in the first phase.

Construction of "China's intelligent backbone network"

Plan to use 5 to 8 years

In the next few years, the rookie network and Intime plans to invest in China's intelligent backbone network node project in southern China, and the O2O Experiential shopping central project in South China will be used to build an open logistics network that can support 10 trillion in online retail sales.

December 18, Dongguan City People's Government and the rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yin Tai Land Trade Co., Ltd. signed an investment cooperation framework agreement. Dongguan City, deputy secretary of the Mayor Yuan Baocheng, Vice Mayor He Yu, vice president of rookie network Jiangyin Hao, Yin Tai Group General Manager Zheng Yongqiang attended the signing ceremony.


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