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The empty container operation of the container terminal

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The empty container operation of the container terminal

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Container terminal empty box operation mainly empty box into, the operation and empty box management in two parts:

1, empty box approach operation. There are two ways to enter the empty box at the pier, empty container unloading and empty box through the inspection mouth approach. The dock yard planner must arrange an empty stockpile plan before the empty container leaves the approach. The principle of the arrangement of the plan, the empty box according to the different box size, box type, according to the different holdings of separate storage, the terminal and the ship must be unloading equipment handling procedures.

By checking the mouth of the empty box there are two main, one for the shipping company designated for the export of empty containers, a box for the import of heavy boxes after the demolition of the terminal. Such as the shipping company designated with the box, according to the yard planner stockpiling plan with different size, different box type, according to the export vessel name, voyage stacking; if the import box after unloading box to return to the terminal yard, The stockpile planner's stacking plan is different from the boxer and is stacked separately. When the empty box enters the checkpoint, the wharf inspection port and the carrier must go through the formalities. container shipping

2, empty box appearance operation. Terminal empty box appearance there are two main ways, empty box shipping appearance and empty box through the check port appearance.

There are two types of empty containers, one for the shipping company designated for the export of empty containers, and the other for the barge empty containers. The terminal manager shall, in accordance with the work contact list issued by the agent, the empty container shipping list or the "export container box order" provided by the shipping company, arrange the container case plan. Dock stowage planner according to the box manager's plan and the agent to provide the "station receipt", combined with the name of the ship, voyage stowage, select all plans empty or part of the plan empty container ship. Where the ship voyage failed to ship the empty box, the box administrator should make a record for the next voyage shipment.

Empty box through the check port appearance mainly in the following three:

1, the door to the door to mention empty, mainly export cargo containers with empty containers. The empty box is shipped to the container point for packing, and the heavy box is returned to the terminal for shipment. The owner or the inland carrier shall file a written application with the container agent. The container agent issues the "delivery of the container equipment" and the "delivery of the container equipment" to the owner or the inland carrier according to the "export container prepayment list". Cargo owner or inland carrier with the appearance of container equipment transfer one - way terminal yard extraction empty box.

2, single mention empty box, refers to the empty box to the terminal outside the container yard (CY). Such as shipping companies to empty boxes to Hong Kong outside the yard, to withdraw the rent boxes and so on. The terminal box manager should be based on the shipping company or its agent "empty box to contact the contact list" to send the box, the contact list should generally be written on the box, the carrier fleet, flow to the yard, and specify the cost of settlement method The

3, due to inspection, repair, cleaning, fumigation, transport and other reasons need to empty the container to the terminal. The freight forwarder or the inland carrier shall submit a written application to the container agent, and the container agent shall issue the "delivery container equipment delivery order" and the "approach container equipment transfer order" to the freight forwarder or the inland carrier according to the entrustment relationship or the relevant agreement. Cargo or inland carrier with "appearance of container equipment transfer orders" to the terminal yard to extract empty containers, terminals with the work of the agent linked to the box. Empty box appearance, the terminal should be with the ship or the carrier to do the container equipment transfer and handover procedures.

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