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Foreign trade cargo knowledge

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Foreign trade cargo knowledge

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Some freight-related knowledge:

1. Container containers are the most commonly used loading tools for foreign trade. Rare containers are divided into two sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet (40 feet and a high cabinet)

20 feet container specifications: 5905mm2350mm2392mm volume of 33.2 cubic meters

40 feet container flat box: 12036mm2350mm2392mm volume 67.7 cubic meters

40 feet container high box: 12036mm2350mm2697mm volume 76.3 cubic meters

For frozen products, there are special refrigerated containers, usually 40 feet of choice for what kind of container, depending on the product. The product is bulky, large in number and light weight of 40 feet, of course, more cost-effective, because as long as not overweight, 40 feet can be loaded with two 20 container cargo, freight than two 20-foot container cheaper. However, it should be noted that the calculation of container loading time, can not simply use the volume to remove the volume of the unit product. Because the national terminals on the limited restrictions on the container, for example, some restrictions on 20-foot cabinet 17 tons, 40-foot cabinet for the 25 tons. For the inland transport may need to pay attention to the inland limit of each country is varied, such as the United States from 15 tons to 20 tons range. In addition, the inside and outside the container inside and outside the corner of a lunch box size of the lobes, the number will affect the loading, calculation, especially when it is expected to be full when the pawn, to consider this factor. For some products that require moisture, you can place a variety of moisture in the container. Foreign trade counterparts summed up a lot of effective little experience. For example, commonly known as "silicone particles" moisture-proof agent, with cheap stockings placed in the container around the package. Customs import and export declarations, customs are usually random inspection, and sometimes even out of the box inspection. Therefore, when a container is loaded with a variety of goods, it is advisable to pick a box / position in each door to reduce the risk of complete clearance of the customs - a complete inspection is not only easy to increase the goods The probability of damage, the cost is not low. After booking, the freight forwarding will deploy the container to the consignor. Each container has a unique number brush on the box. After the consignor loads, seal the SEA LLOCK with a one-time stamped special lock) to seal the container door and record the seal number together with the container number as a transport record. Signing Container Invoicing / Equipment Transfer Order (EquipmentInterchangReceipt) Back to Terminal Container Terminal.

2. Tray (PA LLET

The pallet is used to hold the goods to be automatically loaded and unloaded with a forklift. The maximum load up to 2 tons. Usually made of wood. Because Europe and the United States on the provisions of the import of wood products must be fumigation inactivation, so the use of wooden pallets of containers must also be fumigation, and fumigation proved. Fumigation can be entrusted to freight together.

Do not want to do fumigation fumigation costs) may be appropriate to use plastic or composite wooden pallets, the price slightly expensive.

3. Sealed containers for a one-time lock, there is only the corresponding number, after loading and sealed on the bill of lading. Unless the customs check the cabinet, or have been delivered to the hands of the consignee should be intact.

4. Common jargon and terminology for freight

Clearance: the goods failed to timely declaration or declaration of information is not complete case, for the catching period, the day before the soft deployment and strive to quickly clear customs clearance.

Reversal of the cabinet: due to the crowded port, after the clearance was not released in time shipment was stuck.

Drag the cabinet: the container dragged the container from the station to pull the goods to the location, after loading and then return.

Check the cabinet: the container was randomly selected by the customs inspection. The owner will be responsible for additional charges.

Small cabinet: 20-foot cabinet commonly known as one of the corresponding 40-foot cabinet for the big cabinet.

A container of goods. Unloaded called "Kyrgyzstan cabinet"

Punching goods: refers to the volume of light weight of goods. The cost of such goods generally in accordance with the cost of the cost or cost plus. Calculated for the volume of goods (cubic centimeters) / 6000 = kg.

Heavy goods: refers to the small size of the goods. CFS Container Freight Station (ContainFreightStation).

CY container yard (ContainYard container transfer, storage, stacking station.

DOOR The terminology of the container transport indicates the warehouse location where the consignor and the consignee own the goods are loaded and unloaded.

According to the transport of goods in the station CFS field CY door DOOR three points of the transfer situation, divided into CY --- CYCFS --- CYDOOR ---- DOOR and other different ways. These methods will be displayed on the bill of lading. The meaning corresponds to: for example, CY --- CY is the container loading and unloading area yard from the loading or unloading area to the destination or unloading port.

In addition to shipping, the rare international transport of goods and air and international express delivery. (AIRWA YBILL referred to as AWB air waybill does not have the maritime bill of lading as proof of privilege and control, there is no "instructions bill of lading" approach because the air transport must specify the consignee, and sea bill of lading in the bill of lading similar to the The owner does not need to use the original air waybill, just prove their identity can be picked.Therefore, when doing air to be psychologically prepared, when you put the goods to the air freight forwarding time, it is equivalent to the customer

International Express is not a specific bill of lading, only to the shipper to leave a courier single. Each courier on the bill has a single express number as a basis for the query. Well-known international courier companies have their own website. For example:

On their respective websites, you can check the status of the express shipment in real time by courier form number, and you can also see the company's contact information at the location of the branch. The cost of the courier can be paid, you can also get the consent of the premise by the recipient to pay, called "pay" to pay the operating method, first ask the customer in an international courier company account (most customers have Similar account) and then to the courier company to inquire about the validity of this account, confirm the correct delivery. Need to pay attention if there is no written proof that the customer does agree to pay, then if the customer refused to pay, then the courier company will turn to the sender to charge the cost

Through the international express delivery of goods, eliminating the need for their own declaration, write off the trouble. However, when the customer receives the goods, sometimes in accordance with the amount declared by the consignor to pay import duties. Therefore, the value of delivery to declare the delivery of this point to take into account, discretionary disposal. Pay attention to learning and accumulation of goods transport knowledge, for the smooth shipping, saving interest is good. Kunshan freight company


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