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Current situation of refrigerated transport in China

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Current situation of refrigerated transport in China

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Analysis on the Current Situation of Chinese Refrigerated Logistics Transportation:

    Dignified population of 1.4 billion, now only 70,000 yuan refrigerated trucks, an average of 20,000 people have a, and Japan is about 150,000, the United States is about 250,000, they have an average of 800-1200 people have a cold Car, you can think that each community will have a dedicated refrigerated trucks, which also determines their country's refrigerated transport rates as high as 80-90%, and our country on the contrary.

    Cold storage logistics classification mainly on the transport of goods to the temperature requirements to be classified, such as: vegetables, flowers, fruits, fresh vaccines, fresh aquatic products, electronic components, the general temperature requirements in 2-8 degrees, cold Items such as: acid pickles, Jiang seafood products, soy products, vaccine products, medical waste quasi-transport, chocolate and so on. General requirements for the temperature is 0 degrees to -5 degrees between the frozen items such as: frozen food, frozen seafood Jiang fresh products, frozen meat products, the general temperature requirements of -10 degrees to -18 degrees. Deep frozen items such as: senior ice cream, high-risk goods, high-grade live mushroom yeast dough, the general temperature requirements are -20 degrees to -45 degrees.

    "We should have at least 600,000 refrigerated trucks to be close to the cold chain transport level of the developed countries." Mr. Qin Yuming, Secretary General of China Cold Chain Committee (China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Cold Chain Logistics).

    The above situation determines the current cold chain base is still very weak, when you are ready to get involved in agricultural products, please first investigate whether the local refrigerated, cold chain transport conditions, and then under the relevant operations and distribution costs, and so understand These are not too late to engage again. National logistics and transport

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