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"Double 11" Express brewing price increases

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"Double 11" Express brewing price increases

Release date:2016-08-05 00:00 Source: Click:

Another year of online shopping carnival is approaching, this is the express business to grab cake a good time. However, the Shang Zhao reporter learned yesterday, interviewed, and in the past to play a different price war, part of the courier companies choose in this "section of bone" up prices, want to get rid of the past season, the increase in production is not the dilemma. It is understood that Shen Tong, tact every single or price cents cents, Shun Feng, rhyme, etc. that will temporarily price increases. National warehousing distribution


Courier or every single rose 5 hair

On the Zhejiang Yuantong, Hefei Shen Tong and other courier prices of the recent news has been uproar. Yesterday, Yuantong Express Chongqing Yuzhong District, joined the business district of Li Hong told reporters, the specific price plan started in November, but the current reduction of the "package warehouse" package.

Recently from Yuantong Chongqing provinces and autonomous regions transferred to Yuantong Henan Province, Yang Liansheng manager told reporters that the past courier companies to grab customers, launched a "package warehouse" service, that is, regardless of how many single, every day is fixed costs. This adjustment is not strictly in the sense of price increases, but to reduce the "charter", for some single large customers is equivalent to price increases.

Shanghai Yuantong Express public relations official told the Commercial Daily that the company recently issued to the provinces and branches of the proposed peak season price of 0.5 yuan per single notice, but not forced to ask, the price increase by the provincial decision, the head office It is not divided into price increases, but the branch to price increases each can not exceed 0.5 yuan.

Shen Tong Express Chongqing Daping company that is, the company is recommended price increases, but there is no specific implementation of the document, there is no price increases. Subsequently, the reporter saw in the STO official website, STO in a few days ago issued a "positive adjustment on the stage of the season to promote the price of the notice", called the branch, the grass-roots network during the peak season according to their operational capacity, reasonable and able to bear Of the increase in the case of the case, the specific price adjustment program, the company will also be introduced in recent days, the relevant price adjustment policy notice.

"The adjustment of the price of the initiative entirely in the network, the premise is to protect the interests of customers and consumers as well as 'double 11' shopping experience." STO public relations yesterday told reporters that the network can freely adjust the price range, as long as Prices do not exceed 0.5 yuan / single.

In addition, SF Express told reporters that there is no price plan. Rhyme, and other courier companies, also known as the news did not receive the price increase.

the reason

Price return to break the profitability difficult

The aforementioned round-pass courier official said that the price adjustment is seasonal, the company no long-term implementation of the price system plan. But Yang Lansheng said that the floating price of the floating value of the industry is the return of value.

Reporters had learned that the consumer in the online shopping to pay 10 yuan or higher postage, but in fact the courier company in the goods are not overweight, a single can only get five dollars or so.

Chongqing Yuantong Express Daegu Road, responsible person Li Jun told reporters that if the daily business volume of more than 500 single-level, the national package price of 5 yuan a single, if you want to separate, then you can reduce to 4.5 yuan a single, but only Covering 70% of the city, the other Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hainan and other places 15 yuan a single, continued weight 10 yuan per kilogram.

A courier business executives to the Commercial Daily reporter admitted that the past few years the courier industry to grab the market, Happy Valley enclosure, can be described as under the price of war, four or five dollars a single enterprise simply unprofitable.

On the other hand, there are electricity business observers believe that the upcoming "double 11" package will be the peak of history, express business is clearly "eat", this time to fight the price of the market is meaningless, on the contrary, This should be the time to fight the price of service.

According to the State Post Bureau is expected this year, "double 11" during the express mail business will exceed 500 million, an increase of nearly 50% over the same period last year; the highest daily processing capacity will reach 90 million, up 38.5% over last year. At the same time, the courier season will be longer than in previous years, from the "double 11" continued to the eve of next year's Spring Festival, a total of 104 days.


The service is also a penny

In fact, in the courier industry, lower prices, it means that the more extensive service.

"According to the data of the past three years, 'double 11' period, due to the lack of price difference between the season, the courier company on the one hand vigorously invested, on the other hand is generally caught in the 'incremental non-income' situation, no profit or loss Serious. "STO said that the frontline clerk for a long time to deal with fatigue, courier and service quality can not be guaranteed, consumer rights also followed the injury, this time to adjust the price is to reverse this" double lose "situation.

Shentong courier said, "double 11" is the off-season and season of the watershed, off-season and the implementation of different prices in the season is the practice of most industries, but for a long time, the courier price is not based on the implementation of the distinction between the season.

Express consultants Xu Yong, chief consultant said, Boli's express delivery industry will undoubtedly lead to the decline in the quality of service.

Well-known logistics experts Huang Gang said that courier companies in the price increase at the same time, it is clear to think about how to service and price at the same time upgrade. In fact, compared with the price difference is not large, in fact, many consumers pay more attention to courier services, such as more efficient delivery, higher delivery frequency, and even consumers agreed when to send can, such a service Is easy for consumers to pay.

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