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Commonly used airny nouns

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Commonly used airny nouns

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By the carrier at a time and place to receive the shipper one or more pieces of goods, and a single air waybill to a destination

Consignor consignor

Equivalent to the shipper.

Cargo ConsolidConsign

A shipment of goods consigned by two or more shippers, each shipper has signed an airlift contract with the consignee.

Cargo Agent Consolid

A person or institution that assembles goods into goods.

COSA CCommunSystemforAirCargo

High-profile "computer system. Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. information and the central logistics management computer system

Customs Custom

Government agencies responsible for levying import and export duties, banning smuggling and drug trade and abuse (Hong Kong, Hong Kong Customs)

Customs code CustomCode

By the Customs and Excise Department (C & ED) for a number of goods to fill the code to indicate the clearance results or ask the cargo operator / consignee to take what clearance action.

Customs clearance CustomClearanc

Country of origin, transit and customs formalities necessary for the carriage of goods or the withdrawal of goods at the destination.


Dangerous goods are articles or substances that may pose a significant threat to health, safety or wealth during airlift.

The value of the declaration of carriage declared DeclarValuforCarriag

The value of the goods declared by the shipper to the carrier, the purpose of which shall determine the freight or the carrier's liability for loss, damage or delay.

Customs declaration value DeclarValuforCustom

Applicable to the value of the goods declared to the customs for the purpose of checking the amount of the tariff.

Up payment Disburs

By the carrier to the agent or other carrier to pay, and then by the final carrier to the consignee fees charged. These costs are usually charged for the payment of freight and miscellaneous fees paid by the agent or other carrier for the carriage of the goods

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