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Warehouse Logistics Octopus

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Warehouse Logistics Octopus

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With the change of the manufacturing environment, the product cycle is shorter and shorter, a variety of small production methods, the increasing demand for inventory restrictions, and thus the need to establish and implement the supply chain management system, with computerization, information technology, Manufacturers, customers, the three closely together, sharing the risk of inventory. Kunshan logistics company

Warehouse management can be simply summarized as the octopus key management model:

The first part of the song: chase

Warehouse management should have the ability to trace information, forward to the logistics and delivery of suppliers and shipping conditions, so that suppliers and the actual distribution of production conditions linked to the situation. At the same time, warehousing management must be with the logistics business ETD / ETA connection trace, respectively, ETDEstimatedtoDepartur leave the supplier factory shipment of the number of terminals? How much is the number of terminals leaving the supplier's outsourced warehouse? What is the amount of third-party logistics and the fourth-party logistics vehicle? ETA EstimatedtoA rrival How much does the third party logistics arrive with the fourth party logistics vehicle? How much is the number of terminals arriving at the company's factory? How much is it to the company's side line? And VMIMin / Max inventory system connection replenishment status.

The second part of the song:

Warehouse in the receipt should be used bar code or more advanced RFID scanning to confirm the feed status, the key points include: supplier delivery, delivery information is not selling VPO number, warehouse should promptly find the relevant departments to identify the reasons to confirm this Whether the goods at this time the income at this time; inventory of materials if the material does not reach the minimum packing amount of the box, the box should be carefully checked, confirmed correct, before receipt; receipt scan confirmation, such as the system does not accept Should promptly find the relevant departments to identify the reasons to confirm whether the goods into the income.

The third part: check.

Warehouses should have the ability to check the goods, for the Class A material (only a few suppliers to choose the limited competitive market and monopoly supply of the exclusive supply of the market class A material) special control, strict control, independent warehouse, 24-hour security Monitoring; the establishment of packaging materials Mianjian system, requiring suppliers for the line side of the poor package material unconditional timely replenishment; for the material storage time limit analysis and set the time limit for disposal of bad materials.

The fourth part of the song: storage.

Material into the warehouse do not fall or at least to be stored on the pallet, can move at any time) Each material can only have a number of boxes or trumpet box concentrated in a pallet, temporary time automatically warning, As far as possible to achieve storage (Bin-Loc control, so doPickList work order to prepare a single) can not move.

The fifth part of the song: picking.

Picking according to the order of consumption order to do, can be done by the lights indicate the picking is superior (also known as picktoLight picking the best time to do the automatic scan to the billing action, timely changes in the inventory information to inform the central dispatch replenishment.

The sixth part of the song: hair.

Warehouse delivery according to the order, preparation of a single material, work orders, preparation of single and picking single should be three in one better, so that the use of live orders at a glance, the use of automatic scanning system with information transmission operation.

The seventh part of the song: plate.

Finishing plate always follow the loose board, loose box, the principle of bulk. For example, a total of 103 kinds of materials, 10 boxes (10 per box) plus three zero, counting the number of points on the method should be written in 10 boxes × 10 +3 = 103. For the classification of materials to be classified, so as to determine the time of various types of material inventory, the inventory can be divided into daily disk, week plate, month plate; day inventory with MoveList inventory mobile single) inventory; month 1 at 12 noon checkout completed target To set up.

The eighth part of the song: back.

To the whole package returned to the principle of treatment, disposal time and the number of disposal should be the whole package that is back or every Friday at 3 pm refurbished, do ForcePart line side warehouse automatic replacement goods) system to replace RMA return to confirm: ReturnMaterialA uthorization practice, with the VMIHub return staging area to share the principle of requiring the supplier to do the free box supply.

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