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Jiangsu radius of Logistics Limited

Contact: Fan Wei

Mobile: 13862679518,18912656788

Landline: 0512-57906819

Fax: 0512-57906781


Postal code: 215300

Address: Room 4, Building 5, Fortune Bay Business Plaza, No.1, Jinyang Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China


Fangyuan logistics

To provide you withOne stopIntegrated logistics services

To ensure the safety of goods,Within the specified timearrival



Fangyuan logistics
Help you to insurance on the goodsFor your time to fight for profit

FangyuanRadius of logistics
GoodsPrecise controllead the industry,Large enterprises sentinel cooperation

Nearly 20 yearsIndustry experience, customerSatisfaction 100%

4 Foreign designated logistics partners: Germany Lenny wire harness Germany Rhodia 3M

1 million square meters assured of storage, your goodsExclusive safe

Human services,100 square meters of storage space can also be rented

Standalone client settingsHome, camera 24 hours monitoring, cargo situation
At any time to check

Regular fire and water detection

Steady and fast, arrived on time,Free of charge

Jiangsu Province6 large outletsSeamless,24 hoursReady to ship

in advanceArrive at the loading location

Full GPS positioning, The headquarters of the core control, at any time to remind the time

For your goods fully responsible, if damaged according to the price compensation

Independent purchase of goods insurance, comprehensive protection of zero worry

Cargo damage,24 hours customer service to respond to the first time



Customer Testimonials

Customer case

Customer case

Shanghai Zhimei props

I have worked with a lot of logistics companies, but the radius of logistics is the only one I think the service is in p...

Customer case

Customer case

Giant bike

In cooperation with the radius of logistics, I have been using other people's logistics, but I feel the problem is a...

Customer case

Customer case

Taiwan Yingpeng Group

Our company is very strict on the time requirements, to ten minutes in advance to the loading location, the arrival of o...



Radius of logistics

Side: is righteousness, with excellent quality!

Round: that is flexible life, tolerance, skills, innovation!

Jiangsu radius of Logistics Co., Ltd. is the country's industrial and commercial, tax, transportation and transportation approved the establishment of a modern large-scale integrated logistics enterprises. The company is located in Kunshan City, Qingyang port, convenient transportation; registered capital of 10 million yuan, with independent legal personality; company facilities, the strength of specialized in domestic roads, railways, vehicles, LTL transport, warehousing, packaging, Transport area has been all over the country Dazhong Xiao city, has now formed a multi-modal joint service network, and other large and medium-sized cities in third-party logistics companies have maintained close relations of cooperation, the rapid development of the company, and all-round integration services as the goal , Professional logistics team to provide customers with a full range of logistics planning, contingency plans. A radius of logistics with modern mode of operation, strict management system, a reasonable price system, won a good reputation in the industry, and hope that the new and old customers sincere cooperation and common development, integrity first, the credibility of the supremacy.

Through unremitting efforts, we and large-scale manufacturing enterprises Giant special bike, Shanghai East Qin wear-resistant materials, Shanghai-US props, Kunshan Huifeng industry, Xiang Hong Electronics, Taiwan Ying Peng Group, Cheng Star Technology, Parker environmental protection, Wheel machinery, Qiaocun color printing, Yi Yu fiber, Yichang technology, still special photovoltaic, Xinyi state modeling, Cong Wei machinery, Xi Yu pipeline, and other well-known enterprises to establish a good long-term relationship.

We have a strong strength, rich resources, safe and quality services, choose us, it means that the choice of success. Sincerely welcome to work with you to create a better future!



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